Murray Garland

Murray Garland

My passion for building became obvious at a very young age.  When I was still at primary school I helped my father John build our family home and realised that being a home builder was my dream.  On completing my apprenticeship at the relatively young age of 19, I was eager to climb the next step and have a crack at being my own boss. 

Contract building for some major companies was a great way to get started.  I learnt a lot during these years about the building trade in general.  One thing I learnt was that every home is an advertisement so you are only as good as your last home.  Unfortunately, not all in the building trade share this opinion.  My commitment to maintain continuous high standards in building was a major reason why I decided to ‘build’ Garland Builders.  My goal has always been to show that tradesmen can be totally professional in their approach and have a genuine passion for customer service and satisfaction.

These values, along with a commitment to excellence and full T.E.A.M. involvement, are what form the foundation of Garland Builders.  It is this commitment to our standards and values that see my pride and passion for building outstanding homes become stronger and stronger, even after 30 years in the building trade.

The pride of creating a family’s dream home is an awesome feeling, and a feeling that is shared by the whole T.E.A.M., which is what Garland Builders is all about – creating homes and happiness for our family of customers.

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