Customer Service Pledge




Thank you for allowing Garland Builders the opportunity of working with you in the creation of your new home.


We are grateful for this opportunity and our promise is to at all times co-operate and communicate with you openly and with the utmost integrity and to always put your best interests first.


There are 2 main exciting and progressive steps that we will be taking together along the way to creating your awesome new home.


The Quotation


There are a few points that I would like to cover with you before my team start costing your home.


Our commitment at this stage is to prepare a fair, accurate and clear proposal for your consideration.  Our experienced and skilled Quantity Surveyor/Project Manager, along with our team of sub-trades and suppliers will invest many hours of time and effort into the scheduling of quantities and associated costs for your home, to ensure that our quotation to you is fair and accurate.


Unfortunately, nothing comes free (apart from our massive amounts of pride and passion that is), the costs and time involved in preparing quotations is not insignificant, and these costs are eventually met by the consumer.


In order to keep such costs to a minimum, and in return for our investment of time, I simply ask that you are open with me about your proposed budget, your expectations of costs and your criteria for choosing your builder.


With these items established and discussed, together we can move on with confidence in a successful, rewarding and enjoyable building experience.


Creation Time


This is where the true rewards start, both for you, the customer, and the Garland Builders team.  We too, take great pride in seeing your vision become the reality of your new home.


Again our promise is to regularly communicate with you openly and honestly, and to develop a team relationship, so you too will feel comfortable in communicating with the Garland Builders team and expressing your opinion and wishes.



We will recommend variations and improvements and options where we can see a benefit to you.


We will also listen, consider and discuss your ideas and suggestions to ensure your new home is exactly as you would like.


Improvements and your selected options can sometimes result in an adjustment to the cost of your home.  You will always find us up front about any cost variations, and we will regularly discuss and update you on any alterations in either direction.




Our goal is to create a T.E.A.M.* environment with you and ensure that your home is not only created to the highest of standards and to your complete satisfaction, your experience of creating you new home with us must be enjoyable and rewarding also.





*Together Everyone Achieves More

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