P & J Fris

We have been in our house for two weeks now and two weeks ahead of the guaranteed completion date. Both Jan and I are loving it and all our friends are impressed with the quality of workmanship and how well the house has come together.

Murray, Debbie and the whole team have been excellent to work with, most accommodating and nothing has been too much trouble throughout the build. The team will look at any options and work in with the requirements of the owner and always puts the client first. Patrick, the project manager, was also very passionate with the build and goes the extra mile and treats the house as if it were his own during the entire project and was easy to deal with. They know full well that no matter how fussy they are on a build, once a client moves into a home they are going to notice small imperfections in certain light which is completely normal with any new house. Therefore they take great pains to explain that the whole process is not over once the home is paid for and occupied and ensure that the owners make a list of such problems that they will come back and rectify to the satisfaction of the owner. We have built a few times before and we know that this is a fact no matter how good a builder is and it is comforting to know that you are not gone and forgotten about when it comes to what many would call minor issues.

It makes ownership of a home very satisfying when the team is as passionate about the project as the owners are themselves. We intend to do a second stage build on this project in the near future and have no hesitation whatsoever in making sure the Signature team in Pukekohe is commissioned for that addition as well. Their attention to detail and finish and their professionalism is up there with the best. Worthy of mention in tough economic times when many building groups are going through a rough patch, is the guarantee Signature offers which ensures peace of mind once everything is signed off and under way. Though this is good back up, Murray and Debbie both have a very good reputaton as quality builders, spanning many years prior to them taking on the Signature Franchise and their ownership of a Signature Franchise is going to be a major asset to the entire Signature Group. We are both looking forward to spending many happy years in our new home and we thank the team for making our home what it is.

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