S & P Lamont

As this was our first time building we relied heavily on Garland Builders to lead the way.  They provided us with a team of experts in every field which ultimately provided us the beautiful home that we now live in.


As we are a couple with extremely high standards we were looking for a builder where quality was imperative to them as well as to us.  Right from the start we have found Garland Builders to be extremely professional and it was great that they had the same philosophy as us, in terms of quality.  We had viewed several other building companies but where Garland had the mark was the attention to detail, not only on the smaller things but also on the bigger aspects of the build.  Every step of the way we had involvement in the build and if change was required Garland Builders effortlessly adapted to our needs.


The "team" cannot go unmentioned - the project manager was heavily involved and spent timeless hours at our house even after we had moved in, to ensure all was ticking along smoothly.  No job was too small for him to deal with and he dealt with them with a passion that exceeded all expectations.  The interior designer was also amazing.  Without her knowledge and expertise we would surely have had a different outcome.


We would like to express our gratitude to Murray and his team in producing a beautiful home which was highlighted with the recent Gold medal at the Master Builder House of the Year 2009.  What a perfect end to a wonderful experience. - S & P Lamont

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